We are members of the Australian legal community.  We believe in and uphold the rule of law. Marriage equality is, above all else, a question of law.


What is Two People about?

Two people want to get married.  The law says they cannot.  That law is not ancient; it was made in 2004.  Equality before the law is ancient.  It’s as old as law itself.  Older than marriage.

This law is unequal.  It discriminates.  No legal principle explains why it should.  All we seek is to restore equality.  That can be achieved with the simplest change.

In the Marriage Act, delete the words “a man and a woman” and replace them with “two people”.  That’s it – the stroke of a pen.  And two people who want to get married, can.


We, as members of the Australian Legal Community, call on all members of the Commonwealth Parliament to undo a legal wrong, by voting to amend the Marriage Act 1961 to delete the references to "a man and a woman" and institute marriage equality in Australia.

— our plea for equality

We’re not asking for money.  We ask only that, if you agree with the simple principle of equality before the law which Two People represents, you add your name to the push for change by signing up.  If you’re a lawyer, or you work with lawyers, are studying law, teach law, yes even if you’re an ex-lawyer who’s now in Parliament, we mean you.

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Who's behind this?

Two People is a non-political movement of members of the Australian legal community.

The original idea came from inside Marque Lawyers, which undertook the work to initiate the movement and create this website as its focal point.

A Campaign Committee has been set up of legal community members who have agreed to lend their names to the cause and to advocate on behalf of Two People.  The Campaign Committee members are:

  • Gillian Triggs, President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, 2012-2017
  • George Williams AO, Dean, UNSW Faculty of Law
  • Michael Bradley, Managing Partner, Marque Lawyers
  • Michelle Painter, Senior Counsel, NSW Bar

If you’d like to do more than add your name to the cause, let us know!


2016 Census >

46,800 same-sex couples – an increase of 39% from 2011

One-quarter of female same-sex couples have children


The Finer Details


This website is owned and operated, and the campaign is conducted, by Two People for Marriage Equality Ltd ACN 615 832 043 (TPME), a public company limited by guarantee established solely for this campaign.  The directors of TPME are Kristy Dixon, Justin Cudmore and Michael Bradley. TPME's running costs are covered by Marque Lawyers.  TPME has no political affiliations, no commercial interests or obligations, and no agenda other than achieving marriage equality for Australians as soon as possible. Once that has happened, we will throw a massive party and then happily cease to exist.

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Get involved by adding your name to the cause... Then tell all your colleagues and friends in the law to get onboard too!