We are members of the Australian legal community.  We believe in and uphold the rule of law.

Marriage equality is, above all else, a question of law.  Marriage inequality, as enshrined in the current Marriage Act, is a creation of law.  It was made by an Act of Parliament in 2004.

The current law, which prohibits marriage between two people who do not fit the definition of “a man and a woman”, is discriminatory.  It offends the principle of equality before the law.  We see no arguable basis in law or public policy for this discriminatory law and we want to see it gone.

Who better to argue for the law than lawyers?  Our combined voices speak powerfully, coherently and convincingly.  We will carry this argument to the place where the law must be changed: the Commonwealth Parliament.

Two People is a movement of the Australian legal community with the sole purpose of bringing about marriage equality in Australia.  That will be achieved when the Parliament amends the Marriage Act to make marriage lawful between two people, not just a man and a woman.

If you are a lawyer, or you work in the law, we’re asking you to sign up to this demand:

We, as members of the Australian legal community, call on all members of the Commonwealth Parliament to undo a legal wrong, by voting to amend the Marriage Act 1961 to delete the references to "a man and a woman" and institute marriage equality in Australia.