T&Cs and Privacy

Lawyers need T&Cs, right?  Here they are, so we all feel better.

1. This website is owned and controlled by Marque Lawyers Pty Ltd ACN 132 461 066.  The copyright in all original content on this website is owned by Marque.  We won’t mind if you copy it, unless you also pretend you wrote it.  Then we’ll get a bit stroppy.

2. If you sign up and submit your name and other details via this website, then you give the members of the Steering Committee permission to publish your name, job title and organisation as one of the people who have put their name to this demand:

We, as members of the Australian legal community, call on all members of the Commonwealth Parliament to undo a legal wrong, by voting to amend the Marriage Act 1961 to delete the references to “a man and a woman” and institute marriage equality in Australia.

and to advocate the cause of marriage equality on your behalf.

3. We may contact you by email with information and updates in relation to the progress of the Two People campaign, and requests for assistance.  If at any time you want to stop receiving communications, email info@twopeople.org.au with your request.

4. If at any time you want to remove your name from the list of people supporting this campaign, email info@twopeople.org.au and we’ll take you off, no questions asked.  We will then delete all of your information from our database.

5. We will not under any circumstances share your personal information with any other person or organisation, except as stated in paragraph 2.

6. Nobody will use your contact details to email or contact you in relation to anything other than the Two People campaign.

7. When the Two People campaign ends, which will be when marriage equality has been achieved, our entire database will be deleted and not kept for any purpose.

8. If you feel we need more T&Cs, let us know and we’ll totally add them.  Can’t have too many T&Cs.